As member of the Purple Army, I can only say: Prince, if only we had known

ou dearly

Prince death: Powerful drugs found in singer’s home ‘were mislabelled’

Oh my dear Prince. I would have loved to see you perform your minimalistic versions of your greatest hits (“more than Madonna has children”). Unfortunately, there were the Paris attacks, and you’ve decided to start your tour in Australia. Because you were afraid to die in the arms of Islamic State.

My sweet Prince, I always thought you had a clean life, no drugs, no alcohol, good food and all. Now I understand. You were a pain patient taking opioids, probably just trying to be as strong and healthy as possible. Just move on with life. That is what I always liked about you.

Are we gonna let the elevator
Bring us down
Oh, no let’s go!

Now I get the picture. But there are still many open questions. Where did you get the Fentanyl? A doctor? A street dealer? And most of all: why? You can get prescription drugs, painkillers, which are safe to use. My guess is that you didn’t know what was in those pills, and before you knew it was too late. It is just so sad that it happened the day before you were going to meet Dr Howard Kornfeld, specialized in opioid addiction. The Narcan shot – save shot – and the plane landing were serious signs of trouble.

You have always been an example to me. You brought life to my life. The eternal ups & downs, life, you knew about them, and you perfectly knew how to lift the spirits, reminding us that life is short and difficult and that we better make the best out of it while we’re still here.

You were on heavy drugs, while also living a super healthy lifestyle, food wise, sports wise. Holding an I don’t know many kilograms guitar and still doing the dance moves while being over fifty… Wow. If only I had known… If the audience had known… The doctor just came too late, you were looking for help, but then you had that fatal overdose.

Oh my dear Prince, I feel for you. Your suffering must have been hell. Every time I saw you in concert, I cried, and then – through your music and your messages – I was filled with joy, and lust for life. I’ll try to hold on to this feeling: the lust for life.

Your music will never die.

We love you, respect you, and if only we had known… we would have protected you.


All Prince concerts listed in one single website

Great videos below.

My Prince concerts:

10/7/2010: Werchter, Belgium

8/11/2010: Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Belgium

18/11/2010: GelroDome, Arnhem, Netherlands

6/7/2011: Sint-Pietersplein, Gent, Belgium

Review of the concert the day before, which I didn’t attend.

And a second one, in Dutch.

10/7/2011: North Sea Jazz, Rotterdam, Netherlands (3rd row when he was performing The Beautiful Ones)

The first time ever I got so close to the stage … He was dressed in red, and it struck me how petite he was. Not much taller than myself, and so fit. I know it takes a lot of work to look that good for someone in their fifties. The older you get, the fewer calories your body needs, so you have to be very selective in what you eat. A very attractive “quincado”  (definition here, in French: Les Quinquados).

The concert was different from his usual big shows, with his typical greatest hits-medleys. Much more intimate, more authentic, I’d say. One of the best I’ve seen.

Full concert here: North Sea Jazz 2011

13/7/2011 Rockhall, Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg (the only Prince show where I was disappointed. The musicians seemed to be low on energy, and the concert hall was filled with bankers. Not a funky crowd.)

27/5/2014: Sportpaleis Antwerpen, Belgium

30/5/2014: Botanique (front row), a concert for only 400 people, Brussels, Belgium

A beautiful memory, that I share with a couple of friends. There were rumors the night before that Prince was going to play at Botanique, so I walked up there, and met a friend who was also hoping to see Prince 🙂 The next day, it was concert day. My friend Ann came from Antwerp, we were so thrilled, so excited, we were going to be part of this unique experience! Botanique is a beautiful concert venue, with 3 concert halls. My favourite one is “La Rotonde”, Prince played at “L’Orangerie”. And it was smashing! When he played “The Beautiful Ones” at his piano, I was so close that I could almost touch him. I got goose bumps, such a magical song, what a voice range.

The concert halls at Botanique

Botanique on Tripadvisor

The Prince concert is national news in Belgium. Images of the audience, waiting impatiently, and Prince at his best, on stage!

7/6/2014: Wiener Stadhalle, Vienna (front row), on his birthday.

A first review in German.

A second review in German.


It was a sheer coincidence that I saw Prince here, I had booked a trip to Vienna without knowing he was performing there during my stay. Of course, a few days before I left, I found out, booked a ticket (it wasn’t even sold out!), and upon my arrival, I dropped off my stuff at my hostel, jumped on the bike to get at the Stadhalle real early. There were already 88 people waiting, so they stamp your hand to guarantee fair play. I found a guy with good legs and running shoes, we chatted away about Prince and his music, and when the doors opened, he ran, made it to the front row and kept me a spot, as I had asked.

All these people you meet, fans who come from different countries to see the gig, the laid back atmosphere, the nice chats, … All part of the experience.

It still is strange, and not only for me, that we are never going to be able to see him perform anymore. As said, he was an example for me, a sort of therapy if you like, an artist who knew how to pull people through rough times. His shows were not only funky, they were philosophical as well. He knew very well that “we must bring our own light to the darkness”, that nobody else is going to do it for us. His message was: life is short, live a little before you die. Always positive, even if life is a b*tch. He has had his share as well. He was called “Princess” in high school, was bullied, because he was short and because he was gifted. High school kids don’t like people who stick out. His son Amiir died when he was only a few months old, his marriage with the beautiful Mayté Garcia didn’t survive. They were magic together, both on and off stage.

Here is the song “Peach” for you, Prince performing, Mayté dancing. The energy just splashes off the screen. Wow.

Prince and his lovely wife Mayté performing one of his best songs.

What is left, is his music. A majestic legacy, as impressive as what Mozart has created in his life. I put them on the same level; even if the music is very different, the quality is the same. And I am thankful for what he has created.

Crazy that the day after I saw Prince, I saw Mozart’s masterpiece from the second row. Yes, rows are important, especially when it comes to dance & music. Two magic flutes in one weekend, OMG, was I a lucky girl.

A few more songs:

Mountains, the original video. Song was written by Wendy & Lisa. Lyrics by Prince. My absolute favorite. Especially when played REAL LOUD)

Motherless Child (wow!)

This was weird: one of the group members, 3rd Eye Girl, liked my post. Or was is Prince himself? He was quite active on social media, loved his computer.


Days of wild – the dawn experience – all is good)

Superstition (with Stevie Wonder)

Prince & Sheila E, ladies and gentlemen!

And his most talented protege, Sheila E.

His top performance. Look at the moves. Listen to the voice. Look at the crowd.

Feeling better, y’all? I am.

Funk therapy. Highly recommended.



11 gedachtes over “As member of the Purple Army, I can only say: Prince, if only we had known

  1. His death may be a murder… still an open homicide case! Don’t judge un less you have all the facts…which we may never know the truth! He and Warner Brothers had a long battle over his master recordings… he had just got his masters back BUT there was a condition…. upon his death..they were to go back to WB!!!! Plus they had lufe insurance on him… there was enough Fentanyl in his system to kill more than 2 whales!!!! So… looks suspicious to me!!!!

    1. As said: street drugs, you never know what they are made of. I believe in the accident theory. But we’ll never know, I guess. Sure thing is: I miss the man, and my yearly Prince concerts. They brought me so much joy.

    2. Hello Rose,

      Tx 4 your comment. I am still thinking about the cause of his death. Your observations are sharp.
      Makes me think even more.

      Keep up the purple spirit, love,love…

      Sincerely yours,


  2. mina

    El examen forense, revelo que la causa de su muerte, había sido una dosis, accidental del fármaco, jamás revelo la presencia de otras sustancias, o que el fuera un consumidor social. Hay muchas cosas raras en su muerte, yo espero que se sepa la verdad.
    Sus allegados hablan de el como un hombre de hábitos saludables, y muy sano, salvo los problemas relacionados a sus huesos, producto de esos saltos acrobáticos, aperturas de piernas, bailes, etc. por ello cambio sus zapatos, y usaba bastón, bailaba y se movía como nadie, pero mas medido y controlado.

    1. A very good analysis, Mina. But there still was the flight incident when they had to land the plane for a “save shot” because there were drugs in his body. Then he sought help with an MD specialised in opioid addiction. We’ll never really know, I think. My guess is: it was an accident.


        Prince was taken down by people in a higher place, he spoke his mind and that was something that got him into trouble, these people like KJ , his personal assistant and Andrew who found him were all sent, them same as pills scattered all over PP , they were planted , Prince was in a hell of alot of pain and yes he was on Opioids and KJ had his name on some scripts to protect Prince name,
        Prince had an app that morning at 9am , don’t you think his personal assistant soul of been in early to make sure he met that app? Bearing in mind what had happened the wk before? They could not even get the time they arrived at PP right, have you read the 911 call ? The police still can’t make out who was talking , they were constantly asking where they were so they could dispatch, asking them to look for a Letter that may have the address on,
        They were taken in for questioning and that same night they all had lawyer’s, Don’t you think that’s funny if you have nothing to hide,
        I think KJ was responsible for Prince that morning, and the incodent on the plane , but that plane one went wrong, ppl belive that them meant it then, and didn’t be live the plane woild land as fast as it did, and if you best friend had discharged himself from hospital against advice why did they leave him alone ?
        Prince gave many clues in his songs and at the end on his Twitter accou t ,
        But the order was still given from above, and they are the ones that will never be brough to justice, there protected by many.

  3. Hi everybody,

    Thank you for your comment, reactions and for sharing your thoughts.

    Let us remember the great musician Prince was, the artist, the performer, the writer. He was one of a kind; I have no idea who could replace Prince in my life. I don’t think that there is a talent as exceptional as he was out there who can bring me as much joy as he did.

    Life goes on, we still have his wonderful legacy, the music, and the videos.

    Take good care,


    PS: since his passing, I miss his live concerts. Bootlegs are always welcome. I never ever had bootlegs, I just had the records and then the Tidal app, and I was happy. But I miss him, I miss his live concerts.

    You can always contact me through the website to share his beautiful performances. Is that legal? I don’t know, I call it love. Purple ❤ to everyone.

    Stay happy,


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