Dislike on Facebook (For Steven P.)

It seems that there rarely has been an invention that impacted young lives as much as did this “social medium” referred to as Facebook.

I’ve deleted  my account, for multiple reasons. Instead, I will create an account for work related purposes, just because I find it a useful means of communication, that is, if you want to quickly reach a young audience.My students ask me so often when and where there are interesting events or apps or websites or even movies which can help them practice their Dutch. I find that valuable, and I want to spend time on helping them in their endeavour.

Few things are as shallow as Facebook. When a dear friend of mine (= a friend who texts me once in a while to meet up) was hospitalised for a whole week, I wasn’t even informed about his illness. If I had known, I would have rushed to check upon him (and brought him flowers).

18727701634_f0dee1e86c_k (1)

A popularity contest, or so it seems, based on Filthstagram pictures, a planet in which everyone is happy-go-lucky and with an eternal pretty face, no rosacea or wrinkles to be spotted; it makes me sad to see to which we have come.Especially because my mirror doesn’t do Instagram effects, and also because natural beauty seems to have become inexistent or at least very, very rare. I’d like to quote Marc Jacobs here: “I always find beauty in things that are odd and imperfect – they are much more interesting.”
I just want to go back to the pre social media world, peopled with friends who have flaws, just as I have flaws, so we can laugh at them. Humour still is the best medicine.

And believe me, my life isn’t a bed of roses. I’ve had it with the way people never meet up anymore just because it’s fun and because they want to go and do stuff. No, after 6 years in the city it strikes me more and more how things are ever that shallow. People calling themselves friends, just because they happen to hang in the same bar (taking selfies, of course). I call that alcoholism. Drinking buddies. Would they still go these places if there was no alcohol available? I doubt it.

Social media, with Instagram, Foursquare,  Yelp (okay, useful from time to time, and I contribute, I admit), Facebook and the like, should multiply connections between people. Instead, I see a poorer world. I think I’d rather live with a lot less than with too many, preferring the few ones I can call when I’m feeling a bit under the weather. We live in a day and age dictated by images, yet they are not always what they seem.

Think of this what you may, I’m not collecting”likes” here.

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