Holidays – the joys of it


This photo was taken by yours truly, and I posted it because I was too lazy to find a better one, and – most of all- because I thought it was too funny.
Two Birman (Myanmarese?) Catholic nuns (yes, the do exist), posing for a photographer who poses for another photographer, and then there was me, right behind them.
The men were completely unaware of my presence. The ladies, they were most kind. Catholic, but hey, you can’t have it all,  now can you?

First things first: my tax file. Tomorrow morning.
All the stuff on my list: transfer photography discs and make sure nothing goes lost, fill up my suitcases (but very light, cheap carriers = max 10 kilo and the nikon alone is already 2 kilo, forget about the tripod, even if it’s carbon), go to the library to avoid fines, see the documentary on Amy Winehouse (take plenty of tissue paper, because you will cry), empty the fridge so nothing goes to waste (money doesn’t grow on my back now, does it), order a new smartphone (android) and hope it will arrive on time…. Reason? Prince removed his music from Spotify (compatible with Windows Phone) to Tidal (only apple and android.) Can’t survive without my weekly dose of Prince music. Oh yes, and then I haven’t talked about all the reservations one has to make, documents to print, and all that. Right now I’m updating my Garmin device. Another 89 euros, please tell me why, because I paid for the cards last year. Oh, the joys of travel.

Oh yeah, and there was that guide book that I ordered, not available in the library (would have cost me nothing), which never arrived  on time. I ordered it 5 weeks ago, delivery time to Belgium is supposed to be 3 weeks. Good news: I got a complete refund. Thank you, They are so much cheaper than other sellers. Here’s the link, should you be interested:


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