Summer Solstice

Every year, on the longest day of the year (or near), a good friend of mine holds what we call in Dutch “een pietjesverbranding” (a peepee-burn). A bunch of friends gathers in her Antwerp urban farm, and builds a wood man with a balloon representing his little Elvis. The balloon is then heated up until it disappears with a bang, and afterwards we hold a traditional man burn, as they do every year in the American desert


Brussels June Solstice is tomorrow really, but we girls have a job to take care of, so we have to be in the best of shape on Monday morning.

In my humble opinion, feminism is very much about money. Breakups are so much easier when neither partner is financially needy. Alas, as we all know, there still is a long road ahead before we reach true equality. Anyways, our little man is tied to the ground with very long nails to prevent him from running off, for what it’s worth.

For my female friends who bring in the bacon: you don’t have to care about his Hoochie Woman. Here is a song for you: Tori Amos – Hoochie Woman

I really have to leave for Antwerp now.

Take good care, enjoy the weekend!


Belgian City Slicker




MORE PICTURES HERE: Notice the elderly man who dosn’t seem to notice the biggest balloon I could find.  ==>

Ah yes, and there were giants in Antwerp, too. 100.000 visitors.  ==>


June Solstice in Brussels, Belgium is on
zondag, 21 juni 2015, 18:39 CEST

PS: I prefer the terms Joystick, lap rocket, love muscle or even purple-helmeted warrior of love!


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