A change of plans – hopefully good thinking, Watson!

During the last 4 days, I spent a lot of time on creating this blog.  My drafts are ready, but they are in Dutch, maybe not the best choice for what starts off as a travel blog about Myanmar. This means everything has to be translated into English.  More so, my texts need editing. The stuff one writes while being on the road is fine as a personal souvenir, but it’s just not good enough for a public blog.

Another major problem I was confronted with, is the architecture of the site. I am a WordPress newbie, and I opted for what seemed to be the easiest option: a preset blog theme. Great, but not very convenient when you  want to create a so called ‘multisite’ blog.  Multisite, because I am very ambitious: I want my entries to be available in three languages. After   a lot of time on google and consulting a popular Belgian blogger, I opted for the  creation of two extra sites, for English and French, text only.

Ah, live and learn.

My stats tell me I already have readers outside of Belgium, in the US, in Europe,  3  in Thailand and 3 in Myanmar. This is the reason why I decided on a change of plans: my travel blog with pictures and a nice lay-out (not for free in WordPress) will be in English, with two text-only sites in French and Dutch. Or maybe with pictures, if not too time-consuming.

Tonight, I will probably do the necessary technical stuff to make the main site in English, I’ll add pictures to my Gaggan review, and then Yours Truly is off to London for a couple of days.

Have a great weekend and catch up with me on Monday!

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